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Our Board

The women of the Auxiliary of the Woman’s Board of Rush University Medical Center are proud of their continued efforts to support the work of the hospital and its programs. In addition, they provide support and guidance to the Rush Junior Board, an active board of high school aged girls on Chicago's North Shore.

Executive Board Members

Laurie Cahill(Hospitality), Erica Chesney(2023 Event Chair),

Justine Cody(Communications), Jan Evans(President),

Molly Foster(2023 Event Chair), Natalie Hamm(Sponsorship),

Beth Kauffman(Junior Board Advisor), Lindy Kelly(Digital Marketing),

Tracey Lowry(2023 Event Chair), Jeanne McAtamney(Past President),

Nicole Ochsenhirt(Treasurer), Heather Pigott(PastPresident),

Cindy Razeghi(Events Management/One Cause),

Becky Sanderson(Simpson Academy), Nidhi Singh(Sponsorship),

Colleen Walker(Membership)

General Board Members

Gina Affolter, Tricia Albian, Sarah Alt, Laura Heredia Amin, Linda Anderson,

Emily Bâby, Kelly Bachman, Katherine Banich, Stacy Burgoon, Laurie Cahill,

Erica Chesney, Amy Chudgar, Justine Cody, Gina Dillig, Erin Donaldson,

Kirby Doonan, Carolyn Duris, Laura Elsaden, Jan Evans, Anissa Forman,

Molly Foster, Michelle Giczewski, Carolyn Gilbert, Leslie Graham, Sarah Graham, Penny Greenspahn, Natalie Hamm, Jennifer Hayes, Noelle Hunken, Fran Jacobs, Anna Jaymont, Beth Kauffman, Lindy Kelly, Sophia Kondos, Erin Kraft, Nora Larkin, Lauren LeBoyer, Tracey Lowry, Sarah Lyons, Kathryn Mangel, Kelly Mangel,

Heather Martin, Courtney Mathy, Jeanne McAtamney, Sara McClain, Holly Miller, Katie Minturn, Nicole Mooney, Christine Morse, Stacy Mytty, Roni Neumann,

Lori Nielsen, Greta O'Keef, Nicole Ochsenhirt, Jennifer Paige, Julie Pagliaro,

Dena Pavlopoulos, April Potterfield, Cindy Razeghi, Nicole Rivera, Julie Rocap,

Beth Rusie, Becky Sanderson, Robin Scheier, Nora Shea, Nidhi Singh,

Heather Smith, Tiné Tschackert, Emily Tzur, Colleen Walker, Lisa Weis,

Adrienne Weisenberger, Allison Weise

The Auxiliary of the Woman's Board of RUMC Projects

Simpson Academy

Simpson Academy for Young Women is a small, 6th-12th grade school located in the Illinois Medical District of Chicago that exclusively serves pregnant and parenting teen mothers. Simpson Academy is a Chicago Public Middle and High School, and has city-wide attendance boundaries such that it serves young mothers from all over the City of Chicago. The mission of Simpson Academy is to empower young mothers, and to prepare them for success in college, career, and life. The school offers a competitive academic standards-based curriculum, as well as parenting and life-skills education. They employ advanced technology and tailor new programs to guide their students toward success in a 21st century world. The Simpson Academy provides a supportive environment for young mothers while providing them with holistic educational experiences. Simpson Academy strives to provide emotional, parental, and academic development with a personal touch in the small school environment.  Rush University Medical Center operates a health center at at Simpson Academy.

Our board donates in-kind items for the mothers at Simpson Academy.  Our members work directly with Academy seniors on a monthly basis throughout the school year to support them them in their school work, job searches, parenting support, and general life balance skills.

Rush Junior Board

The Junior Board operates under the auspices of the Auxiliary of the Woman's Board of Rush University Medical Center and is committed to serving the hospital through fundraising and volunteer work. The board is made up of over 100 high school-aged girls who reside in New Trier Township.  Members of the Junior Board organize three annual fundraisers: a fall car wash, a holiday tea, and a spring fashion show.  All proceeds go to support programs at the hospital.  Additionally, Junior Board members volunteer at Rush and in the surrounding communities of Chicago's west-side as part of the Rush Community Services Initiatives Program (RCSIP)

Cooks' Tour

North Shore Cooks' Tour is a project of The Auxiliary of the Woman's Board of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. The Auxiliary and the Woman's Board* support the Medical Center's outstanding patient care, research and community outreach initiatives in the diverse communities that it serves.

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